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    Awthor's page. Vladimir Udelevich was born in 1959. He lives in the very middle of Siberia. Married, has two children. During last 20 years Vladimir was occupied both to the creative work in ceramics, and for teaching child and grown-ups to work with clay. Another point of his interest was making of suiseki, miniature compositions with stones and rocks, formed of clay using a special self-invented technique. Suiseky

    An old passion to Japanese poetry moved Vladimir to make an attempt to prolong the sound of his favorite verse, using the methods of E-UTA. During several years Vladimir studied some special self-invented ways of forming and a great variety of methods to reproduce calligraphy, trying to reach accordance in the style of ceramics and the inner sense of a poem. Finally, this resulted in a collection of about 80 works of art, partly available on this site. Most of all, these are the bowls for tea ceremony, not for the contemporary kind of it, greatly influenced by the ideas of dzen; but – let's use our imagination, for a sort of tea ceremony, that may have been developed, if it was invented in the age of Heiun, when the poetry was a lifestyle of the whole epoch.
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