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    "Various songs" was a usual part of medieval japanese collections of poetry. It included poems not suitable to be placed in any other section. Works that are represented here may have some distinctions of e-uta in a common meaning, but I hope you'll admit this version.
    These bowls belongs to the kind of e-uta named as "incomplete poems". Poetical competitions, there participants were contemplated to add necessary lines take an important place in the history of japanese poetry. The ceramicist is going to offer you something of that sort. The first line of a poem is written by characters, nd all the rest you have to guess... These works, probably, may become a beginning of a new section. Please, sent your variants: Mail to the author The best of them will be placed here.

    A blue sky...

    This shallow bowl made of straw-coloured clay carry characters "blue sky". They are carved in the outer surface in a cursive manner, and the design of deep-blue sky with light clouds inside brings associations wtith New year and the joy of spring.

    A pottery bowl made of crimson clay (below) has two characters "sky of summer" and a lonesome butterfly inside, flying in a deep, slightly weather-stained sky. It can say much about work at harvest-time, rest during midday heat,... Stop, enough! The ceramicist said all he could by this very bowl. Now it's your time to say...

    Sky of summer...

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