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    Look here – there is a collection of bowls "tiawan" for tea ceremony, created in the genre of E-UTA by Vladimir Udelevich, a ceramist from Russia.

    E-UTA – is a traditional genre of the Japanese art; the synthesis of poetry and painting, or any kind of decorative art, in our case – the ceramics. E-UTA has a long and brilliant history, beginning in the epoch of Heium, when a special "poetry for painting" was a usual item of all the poetical anthologies. Such a great men, as Honnumy Koetsu and Ogata Korin has contributed their talent to its further development. Some of their works are considered to be the most bright achievements of Japanese spirit.

    On a bare tree branch 
The raven is roosting 
The autumn evening.
Basho The main expression of E-UTA belongs to poetry – haiku or tanka verse, usually well-known classical examples. The most important part of a poem, or the "key words" is usually depicted by calligraphy and all rest by the special touch of a ceramicist.

    The common rule is: if anything was written, it is not been drawn; if you draw something, it is being missed when writing. Exceptions are also available; the general aim is to follow the spirit of a poem.

    The whole collection includes about 80 "tiawan" and other subjects, being in use for tea ceremony. Here you can see a part of it. All the bowls are made of hard-fired natural clays, all the used materials are suitable for drinking vessels, and can cause no harm to one's health.
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