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    Here you can get only a part of the collection. Click to bonjour.ru/gallery if you want to see more. Please click Price list. if you want to bye one of the pieces. If you are really fond of Japanese poetry and want to have your favorite poem arranged in the genre of E-UTA, Vladimir would be glad to make the whole thing in accordance to your conceptions. Please, click Order .

    If you are a haiku or tanka poet, this is a good chance to try your own verse to be accomplished in the genre of E-UTA – it may be a new opportunity to reveal their depth and brilliancy. Please, do not hesitate, click e-mail author

    Calligraphers! The author is ready for cooperation. If you find the style of his works to be suitable, Vladimir would be glad to work with you on the conditions of yours. Please,e-mail author.

    The author is ready to discuss all the problems, connected to the E-UTA genre. If you want to deliver your impression - please, visit the guestbook. Last,but not the least – the author has to express his gratitude to Elisabeth Malinina for her guidance while working with calligraphy, and to Dmitry Karnauhov who have made all the photographs available on this site. Thank you for your attention!

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