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    If you like any of the bowls represented here, please clic Price list . A low cost may be an additional clench in favour of your decision to buy a unique work of art. In case you want to order a new piece of E-UTA to be created for you it is important for ceramicist to get your conception of the whole thing. If you already have an idea, please, do not hesiate, expound it to the artist. This may allow to shorten both the fee and the time necessary to fulfil your order.

    As soon as the ceramicist gets e-mail with your discription of the work, Vladimir will acknowledge the receipt of the order, the term required to make some essential scetches /common size within 1mb/ and also the preliminary value of the work. In the case of your aprobation of the design and conditions, the artist will expect a prepayment about 30%-50% of the whole fee, in dependence to complexity and novelty of the work of art. Usially period of performance is about a month or two. After completion Vladimir send you the photos of the work so as to give you possibility to appreciate the result. You are fond of it? Pay the rest of the fee and your thing will be send to you with the help of DHL or any other delivery service on your choice. It is necessary to add that the price of the work does not include the carriage expence.

    You are still inclined to make an order? All right! Please - E-MAIL AUTHOR!

    Thanks for your attention!

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